Friday, December 9, 2011

Thank You and Other Stuff

Thank you everyone for all the supportive comments. I shared with PK in an email that I don't have a life long friend, I've never been good at making attachments to people and usually don't relate well to women. My husband is my best friend and has been the only constant in my life for over half my life. I do have one close friend I could confide in, but her husband has heart disease more severe than my husband and he has opted not to have surgery to fix it. It has effected their relationship to the point that they have not been intimate in over 2 years. She trys to be supportive, but really just isn't capable of it in this area. I have no family to rely on, the little bit of family my husband has left he has chosen not to tell. He is a very private guy. So if I didn't have this place to put my thoughts or you folks to be supportive I would have no one. Thank you is really not enough, but, thank you.

Yesterday was a hectic day of phone calls getting everything scheduled for the heart cath. We will be at the hospital very early next Thursday for the procedure. If things go well he will be able to come home that night with everything fixed up. That's our goal, so I am going to keep that in the forefront of my mind. There is a possibility he may have to spend a night in the hospital, we won't know until after the procedure. I hope he doesn't, we aren't used to being apart. The only times in the last 26 years we have been together that we haven't slept in the same bed has been times of hospitalization. Since I already don't sleep well I am not looking forward to him not being here.

We are supposed to be going to his christmas party next Saturday night, the one I bought the little black dress for. I don't know if we will be able to attend or not, all depends on how he feels. If the only thing I have to sacrifice is a chance to go out and party and wear a new dress I consider myself lucky.

I took some inspiration from a post by Kitty at Sweet Surrender, she posted about doing a daily status post on Facebook about why she loves her husband. My husband is not on facebook, so no need to do that. Instead, I have been writing him little notes and putting them in his shirt pocket when he leaves in the mornings. Some are sweet, some are sexy and some are just down right naughty. He told me he doesn't want to throw them away, but doesn't know where to put them. I had no suggestions for him. While doing some laundry yesterday I found where he decided to put them, his underwear drawer.  That made me smile.

You may have noticed I never gave my husband a name on here. I don't have a particular pet name for him, most often I call him baby.  But I call everyone honey, sweetie, baby and such. It's just a habit I have, it makes my teenage son's friends blush when I do it with them. Picking a name for myself was easy. Faerie is not a nickname, but I have an uncommon obsession with faeries. I have them throughout my house in many forms from wind chimes to statues to pictures. Three of my eight tattoos are faeries. No brainer there when picking a name for me, not as easy to pick one for hubby.

I have been thinking about it quite a bit and it kind of hit me this morning what I am going to call him. My husband is a gifted musician, he plays guitar and has a beautiful singing voice, though he isn't real comfortable about singing in front of people. He has declined many offers to be in bands over the years, he says it requires alot of practice time and he would rather spend that time with me. Doc currently has a band and has been trying to get my husband to join for a few years now. He has sat in with them on occasion, but I don't think he will ever do it at the level Doc would like. I think its sexy that he plays guitar, watching his hands when he plays makes me hot. I won't even go into how it effects me when he plays the harmonica. I have decided to call him Musicman. Faerie and Musicman, kinda has a ring to it, don't you think? 


  1. Ooh yes, it does have a nice ring to it.

    I don't relate well to women either and I'm quite familiar with having my husband be the one person I have to talk to.
    It's one of the many things that makes blogland rather nice--there are actually some wonderful and relatable (don't care if it's not a word) women out here.

  2. Oh, I like that. You know you could still wear that little black dress even if you don't go to the party. You could celebrate at home.
    Why not get your husband some type of book where he could put the notes. That would be a great Christmas gift. Will continue the prayers for all to go well.
    Maybe once it's over and he is well, you will be able to sleep better.
    Keep thinking positive and remember we are all
    here to lend a shoulder.

  3. Faerie & Musicman? I love it! :) I think it's sweet that you've been writing him love notes and that he doesn't want to get rid of them. How funny that he's keeping them in his underwear drawer. lol I hope and pray that all goes well with his cath and that he's feeling a lot better in no time!

  4. So sweet. I love that he's kept the notes all in his underwear drawer, close to his intimates.

    I've never bothered to name my husband. Naming myself was one thing, but I thought he should choose his own identify if I were to give him one. I asked him what sort of name he'd prefer, and he said something Wizardy, and I rolled my eyes. End of that.

  5. Conina, I thought it was sweet too when I found them. Something wizardy? HaHaHaHa, sorry but that just made me laugh. I think when Musicman finds out about the blog he will like the name.

    Grace, the notes are really helping keep me out of the caretaker headspace. I have no idea why the underwear drawer, other then the fact that he goes in that drawer everyday.

    Sunnygirl, a book is an excellent idea, I will have to think on that and look around some to find something. You must have read my mind about the dress, I'm already thinking quite wicked thoughts about wearing it at home to celebrate when he is all better. I'll let you know what I come up with.

    lil, truthfully it is only times like this when he is seriously ill that I find I am terribly deficient in making friends. I like the word relatable it really does define the women I've met here very well.

  6. I think it sounds wonderful! Faerie & Musicman.

    I agree with Lil about there being some wonderful women to relate to out in blog land.

    I usually don't have female friends in real life, but no one really knows things I confess out here...
    I also feel like a freak when I'm around other women. "H" is my soulmate and best friend.. other than my brain and my cat >'_'< - lol!

  7. Faerie,
    I love his new name and the lovenotes idea is great. I so hope and will pray that he will do well and you get to go to that party next week in your little black dress!

  8. Susie, thank you for the prayers, they are appreciated. I hope we get to the party too, it's a possibility. I am having a lot of fun with the notes, trying to surprise him every day. I think it's working, lol.

    Emi, Faerie & Musicman does kind of have a nice rythm to it doesn't it. It seems to be a rare thing in the real world for a wife to say her husband is her best friend, at least that has been my experience. That is one of the things I love about the women I have met here, it's not unusual to hear that. Hope your aunt is doing better.

  9. Musicman sounds great faerie and I think Sunnygirls idea of a book for the notes is brilliant. I hope he feels better soon.

    Dee x

  10. love children and I make fairy houses outside all the time...