Monday, November 14, 2011

Let's Celebrate

I wrote this post several weeks ago. I felt like writing it but not posting it. I find myself drowning in negativity and I'm going down for the last time. So I decided I would post this to try and clear the negative energy and welcome in the positive. At this point I don't know what comes next.

What do you want for your birthday?
That's the question my husband asked me a few weeks ago.
 I thought about it for a few minutes. I told him I really just wanted to spend the day with him. He works 6 days a week and we have a teenager at home.  I'm so jealous of empty nesters(PK). Yeah, that's what I wanted, uninterrupted time with him alone. No obligations or expectations from ayone but ourselves. He told me he would have to check and see if he had any vacation time left, alot had been used up over the last 6 months dealing with issues with our son.

So, did he have the time to take?

Yes, he did and this was my gift.

He left me asleep in our bed while he got up and played taxi for our kids, something that usually occupies the first 2 hours of my day.

I woke up to his hands leisurely strolling about my body, my favorite way to wake up.

He had coffee ready for me. I don't function without it.

We showered and dressed and then went shopping. There was somewhere particular I wanted to go and several things I wanted to look at. I like to take my time and browse, consider this, reject that. That's exactly what I did while he patiently followed me around and held things for me. When I got tired of doing that, he paid for all my finds and we went to lunch.  I had ice cream. I love ice cream, with lots of hot fudge and whipped cream. Thats exactly what I had. It was yummy. I was a good girl, I shared.

When we got home he asked me if I was ready for my birthday spanking?

Ready, was I ready? Please, the butterflies had been growing in my stomach all day in anticipation. That's the real reason I shared my ice cream, too excited to eat.

He took my hand and led the way to our bedroom. Flap, flap, flap. I swear that's all I could hear.

We have a double chaise lounge in our room. I'm tall 5" 10", this lounge is the perfect height for many many fun things. He took his time undressing me, I knelt on the floor in front of the chaise and bent forward.  I had a pillow clutched under my chest, the anticipation was about to do me in.  

Whack.....  aah, the feel of his hand, I love his hands.
Whack.....  aah, there it is, that connection. Its a connection to him most certainly, but for me, its a very primal thing. Instant energy streaking through me to that point so deep inside. Dissapearing into a pinpoint. Followed instantly by the explosion of pure pleasure. He kept going, I didn't even try to count. I was flying in that wonderful place where the stars dance among the fireworks. Explosions of color intensifing in my mind as I felt his tongue and the nips of his teeth. I didn't think my back could arch that high anymore. My knees were no where near the floor. I didn't hear his zipper or have any awareness of him shedding his clothes. He moved me around the lounge like I was a rag doll.  Oh that wonderful dizzyness and disorientation of the sudden position changes.  His hands, his mouth everywhere at once, I'm caught in a maelstrom of sensation. Up, up, up and over the edge I go. He'd slow and let me come back and then start again. This must be what heaven feels like. Thank you god for multiple orgasms.

We napped for awhile, had some snacks then moved to our waterbed where I proceeded to thank him most kindly for my gift.

Birthday wishes do come true. Even if you don't blow out a candle.


  1. faerie,

    Happy belated birthday! Very HOT post and I do love a good sex scene, lol!!!


    P.S. I posted my second half to my birthday story, too. It sounds like your husband and mine know how to please a woman;)!

  2. Happy Birthdya! Fireworkds and all..lucky girl! abby

  3. Faerie... Happy Birthday!! What a hot day!! Sounds like he knows exactly what it takes to make you happy!! Congratulations! xxx

  4. Kitty, Thank you, yes I do see a few similarities with our guys.

    Abby, Thanks, I am lucky in alot of ways.

    Mikki, Thanks you, yeah, he's a pretty good guy.

  5. faerie,
    I like your husband. He sounds like one nice guy. Don't worry too much about releasing negative energy. It's like being in a room full of thick smoke. It needs to be released, it's not going to hurt any of us, your neighbors - the smoke dissipates quickly after it's release. We don't want you shut up with it.

    Oh, and that empty nest IS pretty nice!!


  6. Now, THAT's a priceless birthday gift.... (for everything else, there's Mastercard, LOL)
    And, a man who lets you shop YOUR way? I thought they were extinct.... xxxx Happy belated birthday xxx

  7. Belated Happy Birthday Faerie! :)

  8. Happy Birthday Faerie. You had a busy night!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday faerie, sounds like it was a fun one :)

    Dee x

  10. PK, I'm glad you like my guy, I'm kinda partial to him myself. LOL. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I can't really shut up now. I do need to finish the story. I needed to take a break because it felt like the smoke was going to choke me to death.

    Daisy, Lots of years of training to get him to let me shop my way.

    Grace, Thanks for the b=day wishes.

    Susie, We spent the whole day together, in a rare empty home, sex in the afternoon, yay.

    Dee, Thank you, It was quite memorable.