Saturday, November 19, 2011

Help! I've been VBA'ed

I owe a big thank you to Kitty and Mikki for this lovely honor. Yes I did initially get stressed, panicked even. Not because I didn't want to tell 7 things about myself, but because I still don't feel real comfortable commenting on many blogs. I read alot more then I comment on. I don't know if I even have 15 I feel comfortable commenting on.  Mikki said she just wanted to shine the spotlight on my blog. A truly nice thing to do, she had no idea I'm the kind of person who totally freezes when the spotlight is on me.  But I gave myself a little mental smack, and then remembered that one of the reasons I'm here is to step outside my comfort zone. So here I go spreading my wings, just a little, not quite ready to fly yet, but I'll get there.  Another reason I am not too comfortable with this is I much prefer to spend my time reading and writing when I should be trying to learn this program. I am still having trouble with basic things and just haven't spent much time trying to figure it out. I get frustrated with it easily and give up.  I'm not sure I can even successfully do that many links. So I have thanked the lovely ladies, now on to 7 things about myself.

I have 8 tattoos, 6 of which were custom drawn for me by my daughter, I  have the original drawings framed in my home.

I know how to weld and would like to someday have my own oxyacetylene tanks and a plasma cutter.

I started going grey at age 15.

I love to sing but am tone deaf so no one likes to listen. I sing anyway.

I don't own a hairbrush or blow dryer or any of that girlie stuff. My hair is long and naturally curly, a pick and leave in conditioner and I'm ready to go.

I have lived on the shores of large bodies of water my whole life( 3 great lakes and 1 ocean), I own a home with a pool but I can't swim and have almost drown 3 times in my life. I do love to skinny dip.

I have a genius IQ.

So there you go, a few things about me. Since it was the part about the other blogs that stressed me out and I believe all the blogs I do comment on have already been chosen I'm gonna chicken out of that part. BOK BOK BOK.  If you read here and I do comment on your blogs and you haven't been nominated, consider yourself nominated. Feel free to say I did it, not a problem. Now I'm gonna go get purty for when hubby gets home. Saturday nights are always playtime and I plan on trying to talk to him some tonight. I'll be leaving the magical socks in the drawer so as not to cause any distractions. Have a lovely weekend everyone and wish me luck.


  1. Thanks for sharing! Great post and good luck!

  2. faeire, thank you for you kind comments on my blog and welcome to it and blog land in general. I had an opportunity this morning to read through your entire blog thus far and I made a few comments, I hope you don't mind. Good luck with your journey.


  3. I love my friends sharing new things about themselves. Some of yours surprised me and some I would have already guessed. I hope to put my post up tomorrow.


  4. lol. I like to sing too.
    By two my oldest son would beg me to stop. By three he had picked up the term "tone deaf" from his father. I sing quietly where no one can hear me. I think.

  5. lil, Ok girl we are definitely more alike than you thought, as babies my kids would use there hands to cover my mouth when I sang to them. Now, its my best defense when I want to be alone, I put my ipod in and sing loudly, I can't hear myself, or them complaining eventually they give up and go away. And did I mention my hubby is a musician?

    PK, I'm glad I could surprise you, let me guess, the skinny dipping didn't though, right? I look forward to your post.

    Sir J, Thank you for all the kind comments and no I don't mind at all, comment anytime.

    Kendra, glad you enjoyed it, you should do one, consider yourself nominated or whatever it is.

  6. Lol, faerie, I never in a million years would have guessed you had 8 tatts. Thanks for sharing:)!


  7. Lets just say I was not surprised by the IQ!

  8. I think you panic about these types of things the way I do lol! Really interesting post faerie. It's nice to attach these 7 points to a person rather than the blog :)

    Dee x

  9. bien que je sois parfaitement bilingue la langue choisie est à la maison Français.

  10. I work all in English however my girl not only speaks french at home and in social circles she also works primarily in French and our children attend school in French.

  11. Sir j, thank you, I have always thought french was a beautiful language both when spoken and written. I never learned another language, but if the oppurtunity presented itself I would pick french.

    Dee, yes I do, could you explain it to me? I have a terrible fear of public speaking and this felt just the same way. Weird huh? I mean me not you.

    PK , not sure why I really put that, its true, but not something I usually tell anyone about and while I was thinking about the post before I wrote it it didn't enter my mind, just kind of popped in at the last minute.

    Kitty I love my tatts, they each have there own special meaning for me. They are all very colorful, a requirement for me, and not a skull or crossbones in the bunch. Also people tell me all the time I'm hardcore because I have the tops of both feet inked. I don't actually understand what's so hardcore about it, but I also don't have a problem with people thinking I'm hardcore, whatever that means.

  12. faerie I can't explain it either. I used to have to make up and present presentations in a previous job and I'd be ill for days beforehand! Not much fills me with as much horror lol! Now writing, I can express myself sooo much better with the written word ...... Usually :)

    Dee x