Saturday, December 1, 2012

Part 2...or A Talented Man

One of the things I've realized about subspace is, while my own orgasms are absolutely glorious, it's his I crave. I want to taste his cum and wear it on my body, marking me as his. I can cum endlessly, and it's wonderful, but true satisfaction is only achieved when I get his cum.

This makes me ripe for cockworship and I pounce on him with single minded determination. Usually he lets me have my way and his lovely cock receives all of my attention. He surprised me the other night when after just a few minutes of furious facefucking he grabbed my hair and pulled me off him.

It seems he wasn't much in the mood to let me have my way. However, he was in the mood to talk, in fact he had been talking the whole time I had been working away at his cock. Asking me questions, questions designed to remind me exactly who I belong too. Given that my mouth was full my answers were little more then grunts and groans. He wanted more, he wanted to hear me say I am his.

That's what precipitated him pulling me off him. When I didn't answer fast enough or he had to repeat the question it was accompanied by a light, yet effective, slap. It didn't take but a few slaps before I was answering his questions and declaring myself his cocksucking cumslut.

I've not really written much about the slapping, mostly because other than to say I love it I don't have anything to say about it. I especially love it when he slaps me while I'm blowing him. It takes a talented man to slap the face of the woman who has his cock firmly in her mouth. He's a talented man.

I strained towards him, but his hand buried firmly in my hair kept me just far enough away that I could only flick at him with my tongue. I begged, but he wasn't listening to me. When he ordered me to my knees saying he wanted to fuck me, I was actually a bit disappointed but I did as ordered.

The next orgasm hit me as he slid in to the hilt on the first thrust. His words penetrated the haze of lust only sporadically, but when they did they served to drive me higher. Several orgasms later I almost missed it when he ordered me back to his cock, the absence of which in my clenching pussy a sure indication that the agenda had changed again.

I didn't need any orders from him on what to do with his beautiful cock, dripping with my own juices, as he pressed it to my lips. I took him hungrily and this time despite the hand in my hair or the slaps, I didn't stop. I couldn't, I was a woman possessed, a woman who knew what she wanted and wouldn't stop until she got it.

Turns out he didn't really want me to stop, he just wanted to control the timing, which he did very well. As he got closer and closer to blowing his load I increased the pace, but he kept pulling me back, setting the pace where he wanted it. When he was ready and with a sharp yank of my hair he pulled out and shot all over my face and mouth. He was right when he said he knew what I needed.

I fell into the bed sated, sore and one gloriously happy faerie. I was totally spent and ready to drop off to sleep when the next order came. Unfortunately, I have a christmas party to get ready for and don't have the time right now to tell you what that order was, but it was fun.

I'm still having computer issues. I can't post from my own computer, so I write it on mine then use Musicman's to post it. It also won't let me comment most of the time, which is really frustrating me. Musicman said he would look at it tomorrow, so hopefully soon I will be back for real. I miss not being able to comment, to join the conversation and visit with all my kinky friends.


  1. Gosh- I so love this post. You are in my head faerie!

    Of all the things I love about Master- being his cum dumpster is without doubt the biggest honor and turn on.

    Hope the Christmas party was fun!


  2. N I C E!

    Mr. No Name

  3. I feel the same way about Mr FH's cum too- this afternoon I begged him to give it to me- it had been too long.