Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Star Gazing

I like to dabble with astrology, so I couldn't resist the opportunity to have our composite chart done. I found the results interesting and pretty accurate.

The composite chart represents the fusion of energy that two people create when they come together. It is a third being. Like a child, it inherits qualities of both parents, though it has a life all its own and exists independently of either of them. The following interpretations should be regarded as being for the relationship itself, taken as an independent entity, as this relates to the meaning for each individual within it.

The placement of the composite Moon defines the core emotional focus of your relationship. It indicates the most sensitive area between you.

With composite Moon in the First House, your relationship has a strong emotional basis. You and your partner may feel an almost fated sense of connection. You keenly feel each other's emotions and simultaneously enjoy the freedom to speak very directly and spontaneously in each other's company. In a romantic involvement, you likely experience a high degree of mutual contentment and emotional fulfillment. You may each feel that an evening in with this person can be as exciting and enriching as an electric evening out on the town with most other people. The shared emotional world that you create and journey through together becomes a universe of all to itself. With this degree of energizing communion and shared mutual enhancement, you may only need to make sure that you two don't forget about the rest of the world altogether. With such a high degree of emotional connection with your partner, it may be difficult to maintain objectivity. You benefit when you make time to enjoy this special and wondrous connection, and also learn to make the most of your independence from it as well.

The composite Moon in Scorpio indicates a relationship with complex emotions. Regardless of your own feeling orientation, you may find that this relationship brings out some charged emotional material in each of you, and perhaps a shared tendency toward control, or even domination of your partner.

The placement of the composite Sun defines the core identity of your relationship, and the place where it finds its greatest vitality. It gives you a sense of the predominant flavor of the relationship.

With the composite Sun in the Tenth House, you and your partner likely share a common interest in matters practical and ambitious. It is likely that you know exactly where this relationship stands and where you are going with it. This is an excellent placement for professional or business partnerships. In a romantic relationship you have a common set of goals and it is likely that you value each other as means of achieving recognition. You mutually support each other in your career and professional life. One drawback would be that the focus of your lives together tends to be on work interests rather than personal ones, although this placement is obviously very good for going into business with each other. Talking about the world and your place in it is easy. The challenge is to remember to attend to your shared personal needs as well. If you can balance your need for outer achievement with your need for personal fulfillment, this connection will work well for you.

With the Composite Sun in Virgo, this relationship centers on its shared service to others, and in the gathering of the fruits of the material world, as symbolized by the harvest. Regardless of how either of you works alone, you will tend to have a reputation for duty and efficiency when you work together.


  1. I don't know anything about astrology, except what my sign is. Gemini. And so is Sir. Our birthdays are one day apart. We were shocked when we first realized that. We had known each other not even a month and had already commented how much we were alike and had in common. In some things, I really feel like he is my twin!

  2. really interesting...would love to learn more...