Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Conquering Sub Drop

Let's talk about sub drop.

It was something I anticipated might happen after such an intense time together as this weekend was. I anticipated it, but didn't worry about it all that much. In my experience, worrying about it only accomplishes one thing. It makes it happen.

That was exactly what I didn't want.

Having experienced it before and anticipating that it might happen, acted as a forewarning for me. I was looking for the signs that it was occurring. I didn't have any issues Monday during the day. I have work to thank for that. I love my job and the fact that it is challenging enough to totally engage me. That leaves no time for even thinking or feeling sub drop.

Unfortunately, the day to day chores at home that need my attention do not engage or challenge me nearly as much. That's when I could have fallen victim to sub drop. It did in fact start to happen last night. I was exhausted and could feel the tears hiding behind my eyes.

I got very quiet, somewhat morose in my thoughts. Musicman could tell and checked in with me often through out the evening. I assured him I was okay, because I was. The simple fact that I expected it, gave me the power to control it, this time anyway.

I could feel my thoughts racing, picking up speed as they went. Of course, they wanted to run down the negative road. My hormones wanted to jump on the bandwagon and take a dive along with my mood. Since I was expecting that, I was able to mentally talk myself out of it.

It worked pretty well, this time. This is also how I used to deal with PMS. Once I knew what the problem was, I could deal with it in a rational manner. Doesn't mean I will always be able to do that, but it did work this time.

And, should that fail, cuddle time with my grand baby pretty much cures all ills. I made sure I got some tonight.

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  1. glad you were aware and able to avert the possible drop...just keep hugging that grandbaby! :-)