Thursday, November 10, 2011

Welcome Lurkers

Hello everyone, today is Love our Lurkers day.  I'm very new to blogging having started just 2 weeks ago. A little less then a year ago I was one of you, a lurker. I was interested in exploring spanking and D/s with the intent of incorporating it into my marriage of 25 years. It was an interest that I had suppressed for a long time.  So I went exploring and found a wonderful community. I felt like I had found a place of like minded people. I learned lots and confused myself more than I ever thought I could. I have to tell you I lurked almost till the day I made my first post. I was very nervous about commenting. I would read a post and have tons of things I wanted to say and questions to ask, then I would click on the comment box and my mind would go blank. Nothing, all the thoughts in my head, gone.  The few times I was able to make some kind of half way intelligent comment I worried I would sound stupid or arrogant, I worried I would be judged. I'm very happy to say if anyone found me stupid or arrogant they have never said so. If they judged me, they didn't show it.

Since I have started my own writing I feel more comfortable about commenting. It may be naive of me, but I don't worry about being judged anymore, mainly because I don't judge others. Also because I am making some lovely friends. People just like me, yet different. I find the differences interesting.

I am working through my issues and getting wonderful support from the friends I am making. It is like therapy for me, only much cheaper. The different opinions and points of view often stimulate me to see things I may not have seen, to consider things in a way I may have never considered.

I'm still working on learning the blogger program, any tech savvy people out there?  I could use all the help I can get, so any tips, hints, advice, simple instructions, feel free to share. I'd be grateful for the help.  I'm probably one of the least tech savvy people left, but I'm trying.  Feel free to browse through the blogroll, I'm still adding some of the blogs I follow, some I've added don't seem to be showing up and I'm not sure why. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

If you have any comments or questions on anything I post, don't be shy, speak up. I like the mental stimulation and you won't be judged here, even if  your opinion is diametrically opposite of mine. It's ok, you never know, what you have to say might be something I need to hear. If you're like me and get stage fright when you click on the comment box the only suggestion I have is say Hi, that always works.  If you would be comfortable commenting by email, go ahead, click on the little envelope and send an email. That's what I eventually did, reached out by email to another blogger, PK at She has been encouraging and supportive every step of the way. I am very fortunate to be able to call her a friend.   I can always use another friend, so go ahead, leave a comment, ask a question or just say Hi.


  1. Hey faerie :) I lurked for about 2 seconds on your blog before I became a follower lol! I think you posted a comment on mine which led me to yours (whenever anybody leaves a comment I always go and check them out :) and I liked what I read on yours. There is always 'some' common ground between us all who practice ttwd so for me personally, when someone takes the time to read and comment on another's blog, becomes a follower and adds that blog to their own blog list.... I feel it's common courtesy to return the favour kinda thing :) but anyhow, I really just wanted to say I like reading here :)

    Dee x

  2. Hi faerie, I’m new to commenting and I recognise all you say about taking that first step, hope to stop by often now I have found your great blog. Happy LOL day

  3. I'm so glad you reached out! I can always new new friends too. Blogging is a part of my life now and the friends I visit with daily and true friends. I'm happy I found everyone and I'm happy you're here too.


  4. hi, I've been reading and lurking. I'm glad you decided to write and that it's been so positive for you. Happy LOL Day!

  5. Hi Faerie,

    I'm a regular visitor to your blog, and always enjoy your posts. Thanks for being a part of LOL 6.

    I'm pretty tech-savvy, so feel free to email me if you have Blogger questions.


  6. Hi Faerie, I think you just met someone who is less tech savvy than! But there are lot of people around who are willing to help!
    I enjoy reading your blog. abby

  7. Faerie: It's great that you have joined the community and reached out to PK. I also consider her a friend.

    And I hope it has helped you to share your life with your fellow bloggers.

    I think you are finding out this is a very supportive community.

    Hope you keep blogging.


  8. Faerie,
    I glad you decided to blog and join in today. I'm enjoying reading.

    Happy LOL Day.


  9. I had been blogging for a while before I finally got up the courage to comment. And you're right, it's surprisingly painless.

    I'm not tech savvy, but I do have blogger down pretty good, so feel free to email me if you think I can help with anything.

    I have been having the same issue with not seeing blogs I recently started following. I think it's a glitch in blogger or something because crap like that happens sometimes.

    I don't think I am really a lurker, but thought I would say hi today anyways.

    Glad you are enjoying your experience in blogland.

  10. Just dropping in to say "Hi"! And I'm enjoying your brand new blog. :)

  11. Jamie, So glad you spoke up, please do come back anytime your always welcome.

    Dee, I am enjoying getting to know you both here and at your blog.

    PK, You've helped me find my voice. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Ally, nice to meet you, visit anytime.

    HI Rebekah, happy LOL day to you.

    Abby, OOH, less tech savvy then me, I'm so sorry. LOL. Part of my problem is I would rather write then learn the program.

    Hermione, thanks for the offer, I may take you up on that sometime.

    Florida Dom, Thank you kind sir, I am finding it very supportive. I appreciate the male point of you offer along with your friendship.

    Ronnie, glad to hear you find it of interest, thanks for stopping by.

    lil, Thanks for the offer, I'm finding the blogroll thing a little confusing, I feel like I'm losing people, missing some of the blogs I like to read, though I'm not always so great about commenting myself. LOL.

    If you have read todays post and got this far don't stop now, go ahead and say Hi.

  12. Okay, I'm not a lurker, but am enjoying your blog...and you can get my name mixed up anytime, no worries!

  13. I enjoy your blog... I'm so glad you decided to start your own.. I'm looking forward to learning more about you and your travels! ((hugs))

  14. Rogue, thanks for stopping by, come visit anytime.

    Susie, I'm terrible with names, I have a tendency to call everyone honey, sweetie, baby or whatever else comes to mind. Glad your not offended, I was mortified.

    Mikki, I'm glad too, I'm really enjoying making new friends. I should probably put seatbelts and a roll cage in, sometimes its a bumpy ride.

    Vixen, Thanks for stopping by, happy LOL day to you also.

  15. Just stopping by to say I lurked! I found this blog from a few others I had read recently. Glad someone else is new to blogging. I've written in online journals but not so much blogging until a few weeks ago.

  16. Happy LOL Day! Found your blog today, thanks to LOL. Welcome to the party!

    ~Todd and Suzy

  17. Sunny, Todd and Suzy,

    Thanks for stopping by, come visit anytime.

  18. My only idea on the blogs disappearing from your blogroll is that if the followers process is having some glitches (which I think it is. My dashboard is not showing me the blogs I recently started following), that you could make sure you add blogs to your roll by url instead of having it show blogs you are following. You could have all of the same blogs on the sidebar and possibly avoid the disappearing issue.

    If you don't have it set to display blogs you are following, I got no clue!

  19. I'm a bit late, but the best is worth waiting for, hahaha!!! Happy belated LOL day! xxxxxxx

  20. Faerie: I've already commented on this post but I thought I would take a second bite of the apple. I just hope you are encouraged that you are new to blogging and that you got so many positive comments. I hope that blogging for you will continue to be cheap therapy and also a lot of fun. I am so impressed that you have been willing to share your life with us. And will keep reading.

    Good luck.


  21. Daisy, you were definitely worth the wait, thanks for stopping by.

    FD, Feel free to comment as often as you like, right now I am finding the stroll down memory lane difficult, but worth it to figure things out.