Friday, May 4, 2018

Busy busy bee

So things here have been busy busy with boring vanilla stuff.

Paperwork out my ass for my inpending surgery.  Might not be so bad if my hands and arms didn't go numb 3 minutes after I start.  Which wouldn't be the case if I would consent to neck surgery .  Or they could look it up in the computer, but why make things easier for the patient?

Neck surgery?  Not happening anytime soon.

Irritated beyond belief at the ineptness of the insurance companies and the need for the continued fight for the benefits I paid for.  I  don't suffer fool's and idiots easily, and that seems to be what I'm dealing with at every turn.

There was no answer to my email to Musicman.  I waited a week. Nothing.  Not even an acknowledgement that he got it or read it.

I told myself I wasn't gonna confront him.  I  wasn't gonna ask about it.  Yeah right.  I did.

He didn't have much to say about it.  He seems quite happy I'm leaving for a month.

I'll be busy with pre-op testing and other medical stuff when I get home.  Once I do get home it'll only be 3 weeks till my shoulder surgery.  There's a chance, depending on how the healing goes I'll have to go through a second procedure.

So not looking forward to that, or Musicman as my nurse.  Seriously contemplating leaving for good once I'm healed from the surgery.

Yes, I know that breaks the vows I said, and that pains me greatly.  But I seriously think if he can betray me, lie to me and put me last on his list of concerns, then maybe if I have a chance to be happy, I should take it.