Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Universe Has a Plan

Above you will see a picture that quite accurately describes my life. I doubt I'm alone in this situation either. The universe seems to be a cold hearted bitch sometimes.

Right now I picture myself in that little boat. The thing you can't see, is that the boat has a hole in it and I have nothing to bale the water with. Even worse, I don't know how to swim.

I'm trying with everything I have not to spiral down, but it's a bit tough going at the moment. I know it's just because I'm over tired. Musicman became violently ill during the night last night. That found me up at 1:00 a.m. scrubbing the bathroom. A disgusting job at the best of times and 1:00 a.m. is almost never the best time for anything. Due to him being up so much throughout the night, so was I.  A sleep deprived faerie is not much fun.

He's been resting most of the day and is feeling somewhat better. That's a good thing anyway. Unfortunately, try as I might, I haven't been able to rest at all. Damn brain. I really wish I could find the off switch.  Instead, it insists on taking me down some very dark paths.

Tomorrow morning we are off to the hospital, before the break of dawn. Musicman is scheduled to have a surgical procedure done. We have spent the last 2 months consulting with a plethora of specialists and obtaining the needed clearance to have this procedure done.

The best case scenario he will get through this procedure with no major problems and it will prevent the need for a more invasive surgery down the road. The pitbull will be on hand to deal with the doctors and nurses and other hospital personnel to make it as easy as possible for him. The only bad thing is, the pitbull never seems to stick around and keep me company while I sit in the waiting room. I sit and wait, all alone, waiting for the doctors to come and tell me it's over and all has gone well. I'm looking forward to the issue Musicman has been dealing with being corrected, but I'm not looking forward to going though it. I will have to be the strong one, the one that buoys him and gets him through everything. I just sometimes wish there was someone to be there to hold me up and keep me strong.

Hopefully, by this time tomorrow, everything will be over, the issue will be corrected and we will be able to move on. Maybe I'll even get some sleep tomorrow night. I know I won't tonight.



  1. I cannot be there in person with you...I wish I could....but I will be there in spirit. Sending you healing thoughts, calmness, and wonderful results...along with a quick recovery. Hugs...many hugs


    I will keep you BOTH in my thoughts and prayers. If there is anything that I can do to be supportive, please let me know! Please let us know how he is doing!


  3. oh golly ((((HUGS))))

    hospital waiting rooms... *shudder*

    will be thinking of you - and with you in spirit at least! xxx

  4. I will be there in spirit. Hugs and prayers to you both.

  5. (((Hugs))) Faerie. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to you both also and wishing Musicman a speedy recovery. Please do let us know how he is doing.

  6. Everything will go awesomely--you are both far to tough for it to be any other way.


  7. Please picture us around you in the waiting room - I know, not much in the way of concrete help, but still we're all gathering around you in the only way we can and it's sincere. I'm praying and I hope you find a minute to let us know what's going on. But not in lieu of getting rest if you can.

  8. Stay strong Faerie! Good healing to your Musicman. XOXO Pearl

  9. Thinking of you both and sending good wishes.

  10. Wishing both of you the best possible outcome and a speedy recovery to Musicman.

  11. Sending love and healing energy...


  12. I think even if not in physical form, you can count on all of your friends being in the waiting room with you surrounding you in a circle of love and light. Sending healing energy to Musicman and wishing him well and wishing you peace and a restful sleep. Hugs

  13. Oh no, I hate to read this! Hope everything is going well and you get some sleep tonight!!