Friday, March 30, 2018


It's been a long exhausting week.  I've come here many times to write, but can't seem to make the thoughts come together.  I've had this post sitting in my draft folder for years, literally.  It resonated with me then and even more now. Wish I could take credit for the content but I'm not that talented.  I hope you enjoy it and hopefully the brain fog will lift soon.

The struggle is passing - as you allow it to move,
As you release what could have been and what was.
When you soften that resistance and pause for a moment,
All...owing those tears to fall - allowing that anger to rise.

For these moments are intense - they are large waves crashing down,
Admit you are struggling as you roll on the ground.
Give up if you have to - wipe your hands of it all.
Then something will shift - you hear a sweet call.

This call echoes deeply in this heart of yours,
Your soul steps forward with its comfort and care.
The deepest surrender, of letting go is here,
Know you are ready and that you will not feel this way forever.

The reason for this feeling is not something you may understand,
Find some peace with this - and trust everything is how it needs to be.
You cleanse, you purify, you surrender it now,
Dropping all baggage, allow it to fall.

You lay there now - still on the ground,
Your eyes hurt from crying - you are numb from it all.
Suddenly you hear the call of your soul,
You open your eyes and your heart cracks open with light.

Breathing deeply you surrender the rest of this now,
You understand that there is purpose to this past situation.
Standing up now - you rise in your power,
Feeling more alert, aware and stand as tall as a tower.

Take one step at a time - dear gentle soul,
Please know you aren't doing this alone at all.
Many are awakening - many are surrendering,
Walk when you're ready - dance when you're stable.

There is no rush - as time pauses for you,
Breathe deeply and feel each moment unfold.
For you are called into gentle action - based on your truth,
A simple BEing, in this moment, from your heart.

Sending you much HONOUR from my heart to yours,
I know you will move through this time,
Move at your pace, allow love inside,
A deep LOVE and RESPECT for you on your ride.

What has happened to you has a reason you may be yet to understand - and this is ok.
Deep LOVE from my HEART as I journey with you all,

 ~ Lee-Anne Peters ~
Temple of Balance


  1. Hi Faerie, wow, this is powerful, thank you for sharing. I'm sorry you have had a rough week. Sending lots of (((hugs))) your way.


  2. SO beautiful. thank you for sharing. and hugs...

    1. Even though it's been in my draft folder for quite some time I felt the need to put it out there now, for myself. I'm happy you enjoyed it also.

  3. beautiful words...thank-you for sharing. hugs to you

  4. I needed to hear these words now and thought maybe others would enjoy them too.