Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A's to Q's part 2

Let's answer some more questions.

Olivia  asked, when did I  first realize I was into spanking or kink? How did I discover it?
I started reading very young and first encountered kink in books, I was hooked.  My first real experience with kink was with high school sweetheart. His parents were quite sex positive and very kinky. He was mostly into bondage and sex in risky places, though spanking did occasionally occur.

PK  asked, what is a wish I have for myself that could really come true? Something for myself not my family. 
Thinking about this really made me realize that it's been a long time since I did something just for myself, something I'm working on changing.  In that vein, I have a couple things to answer this question.  I really want to get a dog. I'm actively working on that.  I'm also actively planning my next solo vacation to visit my brother and T. It's balm to my soul to spend time with them.  Long range, T and I are planning a girls only get away to somewhere tropical.

Fondles  asked, if I could visit any decade in history, which would it be?
This is a question I've thought about off and on for most of my life. I'm not a history buff so nothing deep here. I have always wanted to visit the 1960's.  I was born in the fall of 64, so technically I did live in the 60's, but I've always wished I was older.  I'm slightly obsessed with Woodstock and wouldn't have missed it for anything. Though no brown acid for me. I would also have spent some time in Haight-Ashbury.  Being a flower child in the time of  peace and free love is something I wish I  had the chance to experience.

Lindy asked, if you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? What's one thing you always pack whilst traveling?
Honestly, if I could live anywhere, it would be somewhere tropical. I'm a hot house flower stuck in one of the snowiest cities in the country.  If I never saw snow again in my life I'd be a very happy girl.  Technically there are 3 things I always have with me when I travel. My body pillow, my ladybug pillow and my Tinkerbelle pillow. Can ya tell I have a thing for pillows?

Terpsichore asked, if you  could  look to the future, what would you hope to see happening in your life five years in the future?  I  will be  answering this question in a separate post. I actually have much to say about this, just need the thoughts to coalesce into something understandable.


  1. Hi Faerie,

    I enjoyed reading your answers to these and look forward to reading your answer to the last one. That's a great question!


    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading, always happily surprised that anyone reads what I write. Terpsichore's question is very timely for me and where I'm at in my life right now. I'm working on the answer.

  2. Thanks for answering my questions - I enjoyed reading your answer and all the other questions and answers too! A high school sweetheart who was already into kink sounds pretty cool. And I love that you'd like to have lived in the 60's! I was born in '56, so theoretically I was alive then too, but young for the really good times. Old enough to go see Woodstock at the movie theater when it first came out - but way too young to have been there. I wish I could have been more involved in the anti-war movement and... well, anyhow. Yeah. I understand that.

    1. Thanks for asking olivia. HSH and his parents were pretty cool people. His mom actually walked in on us once having a little "afternoon delight", she apologized and walked back out. I was mortified, but no one ever said a word about it. Nice to know I'm not the only one who wanted to really experience the 60's.

  3. Thank you so much for answering my questions Faerie. Oh I would love a ladybug pillow, sound cool.
    Hugs Lindy xx

    1. I enjoyed answering and really appreciated the inspiration to write. The ladybug pillow is a Pillow Pet. They were very popular a few years ago when I got mine but I think they are still available and not expensive.

  4. I have recently started going on girl's only vacation...with a dear friend or my sister. It is a special it! hugs abby