Sunday, October 13, 2013


My mind is so crowded with thoughts. A huge tangle of things, so intertwined, I can not find the beginning, nor conceive the end. I hate when that happens.

This is my birthday weekend. I should be celebrating, or at least receiving a birthday spanking. I did neither. There are so many reasons why that is. 

Recent events have made celebrating my birthday so bittersweet. I will officially turn 49 tomorrow. It is the first time in 40 years I have celebrated without my brother. His birthday was yesterday. Had he not lost his valiant battle against cancer just 2 1/2 months ago, he would have turned 40.

We rarely had the opportunity to celebrate together, in fact, we did only once in our adult lives. His choice to defend our country, in service to the Navy, always kept us apart, but it never let us forget that rare bond. Now, instead of sending birthday wishes, along with my love, across the miles, I send them to heaven. Still such a bizarre concept for me.

Yesterday was a day of many tears and so many regrets. A day when I realized I should have done so many things differently. Unfortunately, there is no going back, no reset, no redo. I try so hard to live my life without regrets. I have no idea how to deal with the ones I associate with the loss of my brother. We all so naively thought we would have the time to do the things we talked about.  How wrong we were.

That lesson is what makes everything else going on in my life so much harder to accept.

In order to survive, I've had to set aside, once again, my own wants and needs, in order to accommodate others wants and needs. I just can not live as a submissive, despite the fact that it feels so very natural for me.

It seems they all need me, to organize, direct, provide and protect. I'm more than capable of doing that, but I find it's a lonely walk for me. It's a well worn path, yet, one I no longer wish to take. Though, I see no other viable choices at the moment.

Since standing still has never been an option for me, I  continue on the journey. I have taken the lead. I instruct, comfort, and give, until it feels as if I have nothing left to offer. When that occurs, I suck it up and offer more. I don't know any other way.

The worst part is that none of them actually listen to me. They ask for advice, then they go and do what they want. When it fails, as it inevitably does, because they have no respect for me or my opinion, they turn to me to pick up the pieces.

Musicman has taken refuge in hiding. He's faded into the background, not heard from until I demand he stand up and do something. Even then, his participation in the day to day challenges, is sketchy.  I no longer feel that I can rely on him to provide the support I need to deal with everything going on.

He did make a half hearted attempt. We actually found ourselves alone in the house. I suppose I should feel grateful that he noticed. I suppose I should be grateful he pulled himself away from his football game for 20 minutes.

I know I'm supposed to enthusiastically embrace the spanking he deigned to give. It was nice, but I needed so much more. In my mind, it was not the celebratory birthday spanking I craved. In my mind, it was much too short, just a stress relief spanking. It would have worked too, had he not promptly jumped up afterwards, complaining of some insignificant ache and declaring, " I should not have done that."

Well...thank you very much. Next time...don't bother. I can do this on my own. And, I can do it better.

Yes, he should be worried, so should my kids, cause I'm about done. You see, I've learned a hard lesson. I've learned that it doesn't pay to put off the things I want from this life in order to aide people who don't have any respect or appreciation for what I do for them. I'm done. I'm just done.

You would think by now that they would know better than to piss off a faerie. Apparently they don't. Time for me to step up and show them the reality and the consequences of their actions. And there ain't  gonna be a damn thing submissive about it.


  1. Faerie,
    We always have to do what is right for us; and as life demands.
    Huge hugs and warm thoughts to you.

  2. You can't be submissive unless he's dominant. And a dominant man put the needs of the woman he loves above everything. I have no doubt MM feels this way in his heart, but he's dropping the ball here for the moment. You may need to do some kickstarting, including some actual kicking.

  3. Good for you. Knew there would come a time when you got tired of "pissin in the wind". As long as you are picking up the pieces, there's no need for anyone else to step up.

    Sorry about the timing. It probably has a lot to do with your feelings right now. It's so hard to let go of someone you love. Do I dare say Happy Birthday. Lots of hugs and no candles.

  4. I wish it had been a happier birthday but all your friends in blogland want to wish you a happy birthday. And it's good to have a place to come here and rant. I wish I had some pithy advice to give you but I can understand all your frustrations. You deserve better. Want to send you some cyber hugs. And good luck.


  5. ((((hugs))) best birthday wishes and congratulations for surviving another trip round the sun. I'm sorry you didn't get what you wanted.

    I hesitate to sound so bossy, but I want to say - don't! don't do everything, don't pick up everyone elses pieces - particularly when they're not listening anyways and seem to be taking you for granted. It'll get done or not, that's up to them. put you first. xx

  6. Perhaps when you stop picking up the pieces, someone else will finally take the initiative they should have a long time ago. I know with everything going on a simple birthday wish is not going to make everything better - still I wish you a very happy birthday...let's hope your birthday wish comes true. Hugs

  7. Happy Birthday faerie.
    I hope that the days to come are better.

  8. I so wish there were a crystal ball - a way to know when is the time to let go and let them fall (because no one learns to walk without falling over and over again), and when is the time to put our own needs aside and do for them what they can't or won't.... All any of us can do is our best to follow our heart and make the best decisions we can. You do have to take care of you though - it's the only way it all works. I do hope the coming year is a better one for you.

  9. I am not reading other responses before I respond, so pardon any duplications...

    Here's what I'm going to say.

    If they ask for advice? Say" I have no idea. Go find out on your own"

    If they ask for money? Say "no."
    If they are asking for advice, and not taking it, they really don't want advice. They are taking huge advantage of your complacency...and sometimes you just ahve to close up shop and say "enough". They are adult children, correct? Then let them make their space---or you go find your own new space elsewhere.

    And none of this is ANY of my business...just i'm totally pissed on your behalf.

    sending hugs and love and clarity whammies...


  10. I am so sorry. I know that dealing with the loss of your brother colors everything. Sometimes life is hard. I hope you can sit back soon and let others take care of you.