Sunday, January 27, 2013

An Award...With A Twist!

The very lovely lil nominated me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank you lil. 

I often have very mixed feelings about these awards. The recognition is nice, but they always come with rules. I'm terrible at following rules, always have been. In fact, my mother loves to tell people that from the age of 3, I've thought rules were meant to be broken. I can't honestly argue with that. Good thing we aren't a DD couple with lots of rules, I'd fail.

So, without further ado, lets get to the rules I'm about to break. Yes, I stole them, as is, from lil's place.
The Rules:
1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate fifteen other bloggers for this award and link to them.
4. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the awards requirements.
I'm pretty sure that there's a fifth rule saying to list seven things about yourself...

#1. Done
#2. Done
#3. I'll come back to that one
#4. I'll come back to that one too.
#5. Okay, I'm gonna blatantly break this one.

I've been around blog land for awhile, and I'm pretty forthcoming in my writings about my life. Instead of boring you with things about me you probably already know, I'm gonna give you some facts about Musicman. He is after all, my true inspiration.

1. Musicman is a real musicman. He plays guitar, the keyboard and the harmonica, sings pretty good too.
2. Musicman is very mechanically inclined and can fix most anything.
3. My brothers say Musicman is a redneck, I don't disagree.
4. Musicman wore jeans to our wedding.
5. Musicman is a picky eater, preferring simple meat and potatoes, though he has a wicked sweet tooth.
6. When dressed to go out, Musicman is most often dressed in all black.
7. Due to what he does for a living, his hands never look clean, even after he's washed with industrial strength soap. He once had a job that required him to wash in kerosene to get the gunk off.
8. Musicman has a baby face and the cutest dimples, but he wears a full beard so most people don't know this about him.
9. Musicman is great at trivia and can quote most movies, TV shows or song lyrics at the drop of a hat.
10. Musicman has lived in the same 5 mile radius his entire life, a gypsy he is not.
11. Musicman is an anti-social introvert. Or, as he puts it, he hates people.
12. Musicman will stop to help anyone who is broke down on the side of the road. He once stopped to help a cop.
13. Musicman has a wicked, dry sense of humor.
14. Musicman has one dance step, let's call it the man shuffle.
15. Musicman has no tattoo's and doesn't really care for them. (I have 8.)
16. Musicman is descended from Vikings.
17. Musicman is a steadfast football fanatic and has rooted for the Vikings since he was very young.
18. Musicman is the neighbor on the block who will snow blow for everyone.
19. Musicman has a soft spot for animals, especially dogs.
20. Musicman can touch his nose with his tongue. (I find that both amusing and sexy)
21. Musicman is the single most loyal person I've ever met. If you are lucky enough to be someone he loves, there's nothing he wouldn't do for you.
22. Musicman has lost 2 wedding rings, I've long since stopped replacing them.

I could go on and on about my Musicman, he's the best thing that ever happened to me. I picked 22 things for a reason though. It's because I can and because 15 and 7 add up to 22. I guess that's my way of compensating for the fact that I won't be nominating any blogs of my own for the award.

It's not that I can't name 15 bloggers that inspire me. It's because I can't pick just 15 blogs. I read the blogs in my blogroll and others, because they in some way inspire me. Whether they are DD blogs, D/s blogs, swinger blogs or polyamory blogs, doesn't matter to me.  It's the connection and the energy that attract me to a blog.

I created this little place of mine, to express a side of myself that I can't share with anyone else, other then Musicman.  I created a place to explore and express my darkest and deepest desires. A safe place, to unravel the knot of thoughts, that seek to trip me up. A place to learn and grow, exploring wherever it feels good to go.

In doing that, I found acceptance and community. Every voice, contributing to the conversation. It's exciting and stimulating. How could I ever exclude anyone from that?


  1. MM sounds like a very interesting man, but then I should have known that because you wouldn't have chosen him otherwise.

    1. Thanks sunnygirl, I like him, most days that is, lol :)

  2. I find it interesting that MM hates people, but in 3 other points it talks about how he helps others.
    Sounds a lot like my Master so I get how he can be that way.

    I am glad you created this space and love reading and learning about you and MM.

    Congrats on the award!


    1. Thanks faithful, My Musicman can be a conundrum sometimes :)

  3. I just love how you did your facts on MM:) Mr. B is a lot like him in many ways....the picky eater but also loving sweets....helping people on the side of the road...being a Mr. a few others:) MM sounds like such an interesting man! Thanks for sharing all of those facts about him and also congrats on the award!


    1. Thanks Belle, I'm never bored, that's for sure :)

  4. very nicely expressed and it was fun to learn more about Musicman. :-)Take care, Terps

    1. I'm glad you liked it Terps, I didn't want to bore evryone with more about me. There's not really all that much left to tell, lol :)

  5. I love how you have done this nomination and you've inspired me into how I'll handle the little nod I got ;o) I get the 'I hate people & loyalty' thing and I'm sure at times it can be quite a combination to live with ;o)

    1. I just thought telling more about him would be more interesting then more about me. I think I've already told the interesting stuff :)

  6. Oh faerie, your a genius. I love your idea. It's great to learn about your Musicman!


    1. Well...I do have a genius IQ, too bad I wasted it, lol :)

  7. Faerie,

    Lovely post. Great fun to learn more about your Musicman.


    1. Thanks Ronnie, I just couldn't nor did I want to try and come up with interesting things about myself. I think I've told them all, lol :)

  8. Thanks for sharing, sounds like a cool guy.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I always wonder about the "other half" of the people that write blogs, so I thought I'd share some :)