Friday, April 20, 2018

Up in Flames

Have you ever had such a bad day, week, month, at work, that you fantasized about the place burning down so you wouldn't have to go back?  No?  Just me?

Well let me tell you, if you have had that fantasy, it's one that should stay a fantasy.

In January of 2017 both Musicman and I were up before the butt crack of dawn getting ready for work as usual.  We had the TV on to catch the local news, mostly for the weather. 

Musicman was within minutes of leaving when a story came on that caught our attention.  It was a live report from his place of work, going up in flames.  Through the heroic efforts of the firemen, there were 20 different fire companies there, and a lot of luck, they were able to save part of the building.  The building is filled with multiple flammable things so the fact that it didn't blow up is truly a miracle.

Musicman went on out to see exactly what was going on.  Of course no one could go into the building at that time.  Two days later they were allowed back into the part of the building that hadn't burned.  His job requires him to have his own tools.  He got lucky, while some of his stuff got lost in the fire, most things were salvageable.  Some of his coworkers lost everything.

The business owners opted to keep the business open while rebuilding, but everyone and everything had to be moved around as they lost a third of the building .  It's been over a year and the rebuild is still not complete. 

Of course this has caused many issues and a lot of stress for the employees, Musicman included.  Then just 4 months later I suffered the injury that ended my career.  More stress for Musicman.  A stressed Musicman is pretty miserable to deal with.

Recently I had an idea.  I can hear you all gasping, after the fiasco of my last idea, I  don't blame you.  Let me assure you the only thing being hurt from this idea would be my ass.

I decided that when he texts me on his lunch break and he's having a bad day I would do something to try and cheer him up.  I send him naughty selfies.  I'm not much of a selfie taker kinda person, so I don't think the quality is very good, but he seems to like them.  The unexpected side effect of these selfies has been an increase in spankings and playtime. 

So maybe that fantasy that became a reality wasn't so bad after all.

And a quick update on my last disasterous idea.  I sent Musicman an email detailing how I had intended things would have gone.  So now he knows and things are in his hands as to when it might occur.


  1. Hi Faerie,

    Oh gosh yes, I have fantacised about the work building burning down. We have over the years had some major disruption and periods of being evacuated from the building for extended periods after Earthquakes. The reality isn't as much fun as the fantasy.

    Love the naughty selfies. Awesome that they have resulted in more playtime :)


    1. We don't get earthquakes where I live, sounds scary. The playtime was a happy side effect, I really was just trying to relieve some of his stress and cheer him up on the tough days.

  2. I never day dreamed about fire, but I used to have visions of going in and trashing the place - I really don't know why. I love you naughty selfie idea. I don't think I have the guts, but I'm really glad it's working a little for you.

    1. Never considered trashing the place, but I don't think it's much different from wanting the place to burn down, lol. You should try the naughty selfies, other than the fact that I'm not a good selfie taker and find it physically akward, it can be fun to surprise our guys. I'd bet your hubby would love one.

  3. I'm so glad you let him know what you were thinking. I hope it all comes to fruition!

    1. I think at some point it will, just not sure when since we've got a lot going on. I left it up to him, so we shall see what happens.

  4. Glad the naughty selfies are resulting in some fun play time. I hope you get the chance to try your plan again soon

  5. You really should try the naughty selfies sometime. I'd bet your husband would be very pleasantly surprised. Musicman now knows that this particular thing is on the table, but I've left it up to him to initiate if/when it might happen.