Tuesday, June 4, 2019

When the World Crumbles

The urge to write has become overwhelming.  I wish I had the time and capability to visit and write more often.  I know I've not been very good at answering comments, but please know that I read them all and appreciate the positive energy and support.

I'm knee deep in a 2 year battle for the benefits I've paid into for the last 40 years. If y'all can spare a positive thought or prayer on the 20th, it would be helpful. I go before a judge that day and he/she will make a judgment about my future.

Musicman  and I are still living with my brother and T.  Thing's are going very well with that. I spend most days with 2 beautiful pit bulls, they are total love bugs and are great listener's . I definitely need that because Musicman is not adjusting to the move very well.

Musicman has told me it feels like his world is crumbling around him.  I understand that, but I'm embracing it.  Instead of focusing on what is crumbling, I focus on the new growth coming through the pile of crumbs.  I am still trying to get him to look at it that way.  It's most definitely an uphill battle.

I love the fact that the sun comes out every day. I love the warmth, we had temperatures in the high 90's  last week. So different from where we used to live.  I love the awesome tan I've already gotten, 10 minutes at a time while taking the doggies out.  Musicman hates the weather, his job and this city. He's definitely not embracing the changes.

His chosen profession is very much in demand here. One would think that would make finding a good job easy.  In our experience, not so much.  Employers here have no qualms about lying to him or omitting certain information in order to get him to take the job. We're still looking for a good fit for him. It's very hard to watch him struggle.

Help!!!  Help!!!  Help!!!


  1. Hi Faerie, glad to see you post, I have been wondering how you are doing. Sending positive thoughts for the court case, praying for a good outcome.

    Sorry Musicman is struggling with the move. I hope he can find a job that's the right fit for him.


  2. Hey Faerie, So good to hear from you. I'm a prayer, so I'll put the 20th on the calendar and you'll definitely have my support.

    I wish Musicman could embrace your new life as you are. It has to be bringing you down if he's so unhappy. Keep trying to bring him happiness - but don't let him bring you down. Above all - take care of yourself and strive for YOUR happiness.

  3. sending positive energy and good thoughts your way. I am glad you are enjoying and embracing the new changes in your life. I hope Musicman finds a way to embrace the changes, too, and that he finds a job that suits him. Best wishes and hugs ♥

  4. hi faerie. sending cyberhugs!

  5. I'm sorry that Musicman isn't adapting well. That makes it so hard. I'm glad that you are though and hope things get better for him soon! It's good to see your face again (so to speak.) Keep taking care of yourself. I'm sending lots of positive energy...